Tech Solutions

Giving businesses a competitive edge by improving the customer experience and your bottom line with our cutting edge focused technology



Our solutions deliver a key insight into every element of retail store shopper activity, allowing organisations to make smarter decisions in order to acquire, convert and retain more customers. 

Our solutions tie together leading-edge sensors, intelligent appliances, software, analytics’ and reporting solutions to enhance business performance. The result is higher returns on infrastructure, human resource, marketing investments and improved visitor-to-customer conversion rates

Our tailored solutions create:

A deeper understanding of your customer and store operations

Traffic Management

Increase revenue by on shelf product availability

Friction-less shopping experience

Loss prevention

Liquor management

Facial recognition and Voice Analytics for:

  • VIP recognition

  • Tailored and targeted in-store marketing plans

  • Retail Operations staff training

  • Security

We supply and install fully integrated end to end solutions, tailored to the needs of shopping centres, retailers, QSR’s, pubs & clubs, government & councils and more


Our Soutions

Woman Facial Recognition.jpg

Facial Recognition

Deeper understand your customer and targeted marketing campaigns

Facial recognition is biometric technology used for mapping the facial features, patterns, and/or texture of an individual from a digital image or live video feed for the purpose of identity storage and verification.

Our solution has been crafted by industry leading developers, is used by companies, enterprises and governments around the world, which can be designed to meet your business needs

  • Help to create successful marketing plans (demographics, VIP Recognition)

  • Security

  • Border Control

  • Intelligent signage


Voice Analytics

Face to Face recording solution

Speech analytics is the process of analyzing recorded calls to gather customer information to improve communication and future interaction.

The process is primarily used by customer contact centers to extract information buried in client interaction, however, we now have the capabilities to integrate this in to a "bricks and mortar" environment, where customer service needs are of the upmost importance for your brand.

Our solution can help with the following:

  • Customer Service Training (not limited to call centers)

  • Security

  • Retail Operations and Marketing Sales Training (are your marketing plans and sales drives being proposed to your customers?)

Heatmap Analytic in smart retail shop te

Retail Analytics

Help your business to Improve the customer experience

Collecting data from several sources, our solutions provide deep insights that provide:

  • True conversion with passing foot traffic vs entering vs sales

  • Customer flow, blockages and underutilised space by heat mapping

  • How long your customers are spending in store with dwell times

  • Measure multi-store effectiveness

  • Staff efficiency to improve the customer experience


Smart Shelving

Improving customer experience with Stock Availability

Bring your store to life, improving customer experience through automated stock management and visually impactful displays with our Smart Shelving Solution:

1. Develops creative, eye  catching visuals displayed on LED screens at shelf. State of the art zoning camera  and facial analysis technology allows for dynamic marketing to the customer based on their proximity to the shelf.

2. This solution creates Automated Inventory Intelligence (Aii®) which enables real time tracking of on-shelf inventory to combat retailers $1.1 trillion loss in out of stocks a year.

3. Can offer a Data Capture  Engine (DCE) that provides shopper  insight data to retailers and brands  including:
•Eye gaze
•Reach patterns
•and more!


Liquor Management Solutions

The most efficient bar management system with accessible data in the cloud. Provides a complete overview of your business – any time and anywhere.

Integrated in to your POS, our solutions incorporate wireless pour dispensing and monitoring, flow counting for post mix and tap beer.

Real time reports and alerts to help minimise wastage, gifting and unnecessary change of bottles